The heart is an ever popular symbol of love. Eternal Love mixes 14 karats yellow and pink gold with white, black and champagne diamonds to capture love in its purest form.

LOVE LV-226-R098171

Pink Gold 6.60 gr • White Diamond 0.44 cts • Champagne Diamond 0.57 cts • Black Diamond 0.79 cts

LOVE LV-226-R043279

LOVE LV-226-R073363

White Gold 6.42 gr • White Diamond 0.16 cts • Black Diamond 1.65 cts

LOVE LV-226-R036475

Pink Gold 5.06 gr • Black Diamond 0.41 cts 

LOVE LV-226-N032485

Pink Gold 7.39 gr • Black Diamond 0.18 cts

Find your eternal love.

See Eternal Love up close and discover a new passion.

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