A family tradition…

Ricky’s dad Parseh was born in Istanbul to a clockmaker father and brought up around the traditional clock and jewellery masters of the era.

Back in the day, a melting pot between Asia and Europe, Istanbul was world famous for its jewellery masters and artisans.

Between New York & Istanbul.

Ricky’s dad became a stone setter in Istanbul’s renowned Grand Bazaar. He then followed his dream into New York where Ricky was born and got a job working for one of the most famous jewellery makers of the time, Van Cleef.

A brand that’s loved by the world.

Ricky went back to Istanbul and learned the craft where his grandfather and father did.

He started his own shop and worked for the well known Turkish brands setting stones.

In 2012, he founded his own brand with his partner Sera, 2.26 Istanbul, which takes its name from a special unit of measurement in clockmaking. Today, Ricky & Sera live and work in the UK, taking 2.26 Istanbul all around the world.

Beauty of precision

An inspirational jewellery design brand that takes it’s strength from generations of traditional stone setting.

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